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Coral - Magic for Heart & Brain

Coral reefs are one of the most amazing creatures in the ocean. They are subtly responsible for maintaining the ecosystem of the oceans. There are 1000s of types of coral in the ocean, but we are talking about a specific kind. Known as Corallium, this red coral, has lots of medicinal uses. Let's find them out.

First of all, while coral has a lot fo useful part, the best part of a coral is their stems, as shown in the picture above. The second best part of coral is there roots, also known as Bussad. Coral are also used in making jewellery, and as such in the Unani medical system are used alongside semi-precious, or precious stones. One of the most famous medicines made from coral is Khamira Marwareed Ba Nuskha Kalan.

Coral are an amazing tonic for increasing the strength of heart and brain. Given in measured quantities they can improve the performance of your heart, and work on your body which will give you strength. Coral can also be used to increase strength of Brain, and help you improve your memory and other brain functions. Apart form that coral is great for curing issues related to stomach and intestines. A Majoon, called Majoon Marjan, is a magical tonic for stomach related issues.

That was a short post about Coral. It is one of the most amazing medicinal object and once you start using it, you will realize it's benefits.

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