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Welcome to MIX IT UP!


Test your ability to make a Herb Tea, and we will tell you if it works!

Get a chance to win a coupon from 10% Off up to 30% Off!!!

Here's the tea you made - 

Pleasant Title


Pleasant Title


Pleasant Title

And here is the result -
Coupon Value:
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THANKs a lot for playing!!

Finally, how much longer should your tea be brewed?
Can it be drunk cold?

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Choose a base element in which you would like to start making your Herbal Medicine!

Choose based on how you would like to eat it. Air, if you would want to mix it in water, water if you want to make a syrup and honey is you want to make a Chawanprash like paste.

Get Ready To Select Herbs!
From the Flowers
From the Spices
From the Herbs
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