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Dr Wahid Baig, B.U.M.S.

o Chief Physician, Dr Wahid Unani Hospital
o Director, Wahad Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


Dr Baig has more than 35 years of experience in the treatment of chronic illness. He has dedicated his life to bring effective treatment and long-lasting relief.

In 1990 he started off on his own after gaining experience as a government medical practitioner. He established his Research and Development centre in 2003 to help patients all over the state of Rajasthan. 

Dr Baig spends his time gaining knowledge about all the aspects of Unani to deepen the understanding of pharmacopoeia and how it can be best used to benefit our generation. He runs a YouTube channel where he shares his knowledge about Unani Drugs, Medicines and the Unani System of treatment. His acute understanding and in-depth knowledge have made his YouTube channel India's first dedicated Unani Education Channel and also India's first One-Stop source of information for Core Unani Knowledge.

Over the years he has treated patients all over India and the world. And that has motivated him to spread his knowledge and expertise further to ensure extensive reach. He is on a mission to reignite Unani and bring the pathy back to its glory days.

With that mission in mind, Dr Baig plans to established Baig Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd with his son. Baig Pharmaceuticals will be a state of the art Unani manufacturing firm, dealing in more than 400 kinds of classical Unani formulations as well as our patented medications. 

To further his goal, he plans to launch a course in Unani to share his keen understanding and acute acumen for Unani with budding students and established physicians. Baig School of Unani, an online venture, will be a first of it's kind Unani Certification Course with a focus on the rooted fundamentals of the system. 

About Dr Wahid's Unani Centre

At Dr Wahid's Unani Centre we research chronic diseases, what causes these problems, what are the remedies, and how can we make sure to cure these diseases. Our Unani system of medicine focuses on attacking the cause of the illness, not the symptoms thereby providing a long term solution.

We make our own medicines and tweak traditional formulations based on decades of experience to ensure effective treatment and long-lasting results. 

Our GMP certified manufacturing unit helps us ensure the safety and hygiene of our patients. We hand-pick our ingredients and use only the best quality to make out medicines. Dr Baig monitors every batch of cleaned herbs to achieve 100% quality control. 

Participation in Seminars / Conference
  • Pariticpated in a CME on Gastro Intestinal diseases in Kurnool, AP.

  • Attended a CME on Unani Treatment in Modern Times in Hyderabad, Telangana

  • Participated in a Seminar on Respiratory Diseases and Unani Treatment in Bnagalore, Karnataka

  • Attended a Seminar on Naturopathy and Unani in Jiapur, India.

Dr Baig has also conducted CME at his Hospital to encourage recently graduated Unani Students to guide them, and help them be better physicans.

Some of the Chronic Cases Treated by Dr Baig
  • A 20 year old Gastro Intestinal issue, with congestion in the lower intestinal region. Successfully Treated. Many other cases also treated successfully.

  • A 15 year old Dysentry and Gastritis issue treated. Other Dysentry cases also treated with high efficiency.

  • 6 year old Depression Successfully treated. Patient successfully returned back to society, and completed his educaiton.

  • Mild Autism and ADHD in a late teenager. Teatment on going. Patients successfully began participating in daily life activities, and has begun to show interest in these activities.

  • 4 year old Rotten foot brought back to life. Some doctors advised the patient to completely amputate the foot. Dr Baig was able to save the foot, with the loss of only a few fingers. 

  • 5 year old recurring Malarial Fever treated succesfully.

  • 9 year old cold and cough, with respiratory system congestion treated successfully. Dr Baig as able to provide relief to the patient after years of troubled breathing.

Apart from these many such old and chronic disease as well as other problems have been cured successfully with continued relief till date. Many cases with issues where other doctors gave up, and suggested critical measures, Dr Baig successfully treated them, and gave these patients a chance at life.

Speaking Engagements & Lectures
  • Dr Baig was invited as a guest lecturer at Bangalore School of Unani to speak about benefits of Unani in modern day.

  • He was also a guest speaker in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, invited to talk about Unani Treatments.

  • Dr Baig was Invited in a conference by All India Unani Association, to talk about Gastroentritis diseases. He was also presented with a lifetime achievement award at the ceremony.

  • Dr Baig  spearheaded a talk about Covid - 19 and its treatment in Unani. The association organised a talk and invited him as the chief speaker.

Apart form that he has participated as guest lectures in a number of CMEs and conferences. 

Dr Baig's Youtube Channel

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