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1 gm a day? Small tips, do they work?

Have you ever had a temptation to follow a hack? A short formula which boasts a lot of results. If you did, you are not alone. There are many people like you and an equal number of formula out there which tempt you to follow them. From suggesting you consume 2 gm powder a day to boost strength to gulping one raw egg a day to gain weight, there is not the dearth of short medicinal hacks. But how effective are they? And should you really follow them?

If I tell you, I have a small health hack which can take care of your personal health problem. You do not have to go to a doctor, just figure out what you have and I will tell you how you can take care of that problem without taking any medicine. Just plants. You might find it hard to believe but that is true. Sometimes small combinations can work wonders on your body. The trick is to get them in your body. That is where these medicines come into the picture.

If I start explaining how medicines work, the blog will go on for many pages. And I do not want you to consume unnecessary information. All you need to know is that modern medicines try to replicate what ancient herbs do to our body. And so if you remove the chemicals and just eat the raw herb, you should be better off right? Unfortunately no. Where these medicines excel is the fact that the salt that they have in them is extremely potent and has the ability to directly attack the problem. If you eat a pinch of raw Ashwagandha it can help you boost your libido, but you will have to eat it for 3 months daily. You will be sceptical about its potential. Next, I will make medicine, and tell you this has the same 3 months worth of Ashwagandha extracts but condensed in 10 days worth of dose. Think about it this way -

2 gm powder per day -> 3 months -> 90 days -> 180 gm

10 Tablets = 180 gm

1 Tablet = 18 gm

This means one tablet contains extract which would have gone in your body in 9 days. And in 2 days you have completed 18 days worth of power and in 3 days you have covered almost a month. Isn't it fantastic? No.

You are missing a huge point, and you will have people fighting me on this, but I must share it nonetheless. Eating 10 doses in 10 days will give you an instantaneous result, but it will not last. While the 3 months long course will take time, but the results will be long lasting. How do we know that? It is simple. When it is something natural, the body absorbs it and adapts to it and repairs itself. While if it is something chemical, that is only in the body to stimulate certain cells, and not repair them. Which is why people have to take western medicines all their lives. A medicine fighting only the symptoms can only give that much relief. So what is good for us?

I would like to give you a political answer, a combination of both. But I would be lying. What is good for you is what suits you and your lifestyle. If you have time, and willingness to endure go for a slow but long-lasting solution, but if you are impatient, and do not have time, just do away with a solution today, with a hope that one day you will come back to your roots.

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