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Benefits of Using House Of Herbs Aamla

According to Ayurveda, Amla is such a fruit, which has innumerable benefits. Amla is not only beneficial for skin and hair but also works as a medicine for many diseases. Amla is used in many ways, such as Amla juice, Amla powder, Amla pickle etc. Amla is rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which make it valuable.

1. Get rid of sore throat

Whenever the weather changes, the problem of the sore throat usually starts. In such a situation, House Of Herbs Jaipur Amla powder is very beneficial. Mix equal quantity of parsley, turmeric, amla, yavakshara and chitrak. Lick 1 to 2 grams of Amla powder with 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of ghee. It removes sore throat.

2. Helps in Digestion

Indigestion occurs sometimes due to eating anything wrong. For this, cook the IndianJadiBooti awla, add the appropriate amount of black pepper, dry ginger, rock salt, roasted cumin and asafetida. Drying it in the shade and consuming it gives relief from problems like constipation and indigestion.

3. Relief from Itching

Make ashes by burning Awla Guthli. Add coconut oil to it. It is beneficial to apply it on any type of itching wet or dry.

4. Beneficial for eyes

Amla is like nectar for the eyes, it helps in increasing eyesight. For this, taking one spoonful of amla powder with honey every day provides benefits and the problem of cataracts also ends.

5. Cools body Temperature

Amla is the best remedy when the heat in the body increases. Consuming amla juice or eating Amla in any form provides coolness. In case of hiccups and vomiting, consuming amla juice with sugar candy two-three times a day will provide great relief.

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